Are your products made in a gluten and wheat free bakery?

Yes, we hand make all of our products in a dedicated gluten free bakery.

Are your cakes suitable for coeliacs?
Yes! All of our cakes are made with coeliac friendly ingredients in a dedicated gluten free bakery.

Where can I buy B-Tempted’s cakes?
You can buy our cakes here in our online shop, or visit one of our stockists.

I've seen your Vegan cupcakes available in Wholefoods but don't live near one, how can I still buy them?
Unfortunately due to the frosting our cupcakes do not survive well with Royal Mail! However, if you're looking for a large amount for an event (or wedding maybe?) please get in touch and we can look at courier options for you. Please email hello@b-tempted.co.uk

Can I pre-order B-Tempted cakes for an event, such as a wedding or party?
You most certainly can! To ensure you have your cakes in time for a special event, it’s best to pop us an email at hello@b-tempted.co.uk or give one of our Temptation Officers a call on +44 (0) 208 133 2079.

I have food allergies. Where can I find a list of ingredients?
You can find a list of ingredients and allergens on each of our cake’s page in our shop. All of our products are gluten free, wheat free and suitable for coeliacs. Our new Vegan range is also now available, produced without eggs or diary. Please note these are made in the same factory as those with eggs and diary. Please contact us for more information on this.

How long do B-Tempted cakes keep for and how should I store them?
All of our cakes have a guaranteed shelf life of 10 days, however, they can last longer. We advise keeping your cakes in a sealed air-tight container to help to preserve them for longer. You can also freeze our cakes!

Where are B-Tempted’s cakes made?
Our cakes are handmade in our dedicated gluten and wheat free bakery in London.