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“Sarah at B-Tempted makes the most delicate, heavenly gluten free little cakes, with interesting and well balanced flavour combinations. Their consistent quality, really stand out in the market place and I love their focus on using real, luxury ingredients - refreshing to see no junk!”

Kim McGowanCoeliac & founder of Gluten Free Gathering

“They taste so SO good and there are so many flavours! These little cakes had so much flavour in them. I loved these as they seemed the perfect size if I just need a little sweet treat, but don’t want a huge cake."

Becky ExcellGluten free blogger at Gluten Free Cuppa Tea.

“I tried some dinky little lemon and cashew bites and also some dark chocolate and hazelnut ones. They were delicious, just as good as gluten based cakes, the difference is frankly unnoticeable. The food is bursting with flavour, and so light that I found it quite easy to eat several cakes without feeling ill afterwards… I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not?!

MillyBlogger at Thoroughly Modern Milly